31 Dec

Malaysia’s capital city, Kuala Lumpur, has to many to offer to its beloved tourists. Its diversity of culture, from Malay, Chinese, to Indian, is well known around the world and its food suits the taste of many visitors. Aside from food and culture, Kuala Lumpur also has many beautiful and historic landmarks for you to see. Traveling alone in the city is an option, but you can also have a KL girl escort if being alone bores you. Here are the things you shouldn’t miss in KL:

1. Merdeka Square and the Sultan Abdul Samad

You can find peace at Merdeka Square, a small green square with the Malaysian flag situated on a 95-meter long flagpole. That’s where Malaysia’s independence began. One of Kuala Lumpur’s most beautiful buildings is just in front of Merdeka Square; Sultan Abdul Samad. Have a walk around the former court or on the river on its backside.

2. KL’s Mystery Cafe

In children’s stories, treasure chests are hidden and requires a map to be found. Same goes with the hidden cafes in KL where you need tour maps and the guidance of the locals in order to locate it. Nothing’s more satisfying than relaxing with a cup of coffee and a snack on a mysterious hidden cafe.

3. Batu Caves and Bridges of the Eco Forest

Climb your way up to the Batu Caves. You need to conquer the 272 steps to pass the limestone hill and the monkeys lying around the area, so be sure to avoid hanging shiny things around you. Take note that Batu Caves are accessible by taxis or bus and it’s advised to avoid going there during weekends and holidays.

Looking for another adventure? Several hanging bridges create a walking route through the forest in the center of the city, concealed from busy streets. The relatively short and enjoyable eco-walk in Kuala Lumpur is a great thing to do. Knowing the right entrance to the park is critical.

4. Thean Hou Temple

Thean Hou is one of the largest Chinese temples in Southeast Asia with its six tiers. You will see the whole city from the top of the temple on a small hilltop just outside the main center. The entrance is free and it’s advised to go there during the morning to avoid the surge of tourists.

5. Little India

You can have a taste of Indian food and culture while on Malaysia by visiting Little India. The place were flocked with many small restaurants that opens during the evening. It’s a few steps away from the city’s railways station, the KL Sentral.

6. KL Markets

Aside from the delicious food we already featured, Malaysia is also a place for shopping. You can buy gifts and souvenirs in the Petaling Street Market and the Central Market. If you’re a mall goer, Malaysia has the Pavilion and KL Sentral were you can shop anything from clothes to electronics or eat a variety of food.

7. Jalan Alor Night Market

When you’re hungry but it’s already late for food stores to cater you, there’s the Jalan Alor Night Market to solve the problem. The street is full of food stalls that offer countless affordable and authentic Malaysian food.

8. Wilayah Mosque

Also known as the Federal Territory Mosque, the Wilayah Mosque’s architecture and design was based on the Blue Mosque of Istanbul in Turkey. The wonderful design and color of the walls and ceiling will leave you in awe. It is indeed a “must visit” place when you’re in Malaysia.

9. Perdana Botanical Garden

If you want a break from the noise pollution of the busy city and its streets, the Perdana Botanical Garden is the right therapy for you. You can relax and walk in the park while seeing the harmonious plants, animals and the art that connects them.

10. Petronas Towers

When we talked about Malaysia, one of the things that comes in our mind is the 452-meter high Petronas Towers. It is the second highest twin towers in the planet and considered as the main landmark in Malaysia. Your trip to the country is not complete if you don’t a photo with the towers glimmering light during the night.