Web Design Elements
11 Mar

13 Important Elements To Include When Designing A Website

A website is a crucial marketing tool in improving online presence for your web design company. At this day and age, if you want your brand to grow on the digital landscape, you need to implement a good web design strategy. Below are some of the important elements that you should include.

Share all social media share buttons at the correct places.

Social Media

Don’t just throw your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn links at the corner of your business website. Make sure that it is placed strategically on your pages. Place it next to your image galleries, blog posts, press releases, and other important content.

Call-to-Action Buttons

The website itself is considered as an online call-to-action tool. Guide your customers towards the right actions (in your favor, of course). Apart from attention-grabbing CTAs, make sure that your business email address, phone numbers and other important information are easy to find.

Your Business Unique Story


Customers usually purchase from businesses who they feel a personal connection with. Tell them your company’s story in an interesting way. They would love to know the people they would be working with.

What You Do, and Who You Are

Let your potential customers get to know you on a deeper level. Through an efficient website design, you communicate to them that you are trustworthy and credible enough.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

If you want your visitors to have an amazing user experience, you would implement a responsive design. At this day and age, more and more users are accessing the internet through their mobile devices. By making life easier for them, you can decrease your bounce rate, and improve your website rankings.

Great User Experience

For many website owners, creating a user-centric website is not a priority. Don’t ever make this mistake.

Answers To Objections

Aside from demonstrating your business’ products and services, it’s also important to address their objections. These are negative concerns that might affect your credibility.