23 Aug
  • By Arron Reyes
  • / SEO

1. As much as possible, write long-form content regularly.

Moz is a brilliant example of a website that provides high-quality, long-form content. Google’s algorithms always pay special attention to length when deciding on rakings. While this doesn’t mean that much shorter content never rank high, longer content has a clear advantage. Search engines assume that they are more useful and comprehensive.

2. Focus on producing high-quality content.

The goal of Google’s algorithms is to help people find the most useful, relevant websites for them. Their ranking factors change a lot over time, though this specific rule remains constant. If you want to be successful with all of your search engine optimization efforts, you need to focus on creating good content, instead of trying to cheat their system.

3. Select your web hosting provider well.

Your website hosting provider is vital for your SEO success. Since Google considers speed as an important ranking factor, a reliable host can help push your website at the top of search engine results pages. Your hosting provider can also lessen website downtime. There are plenty of web hosting and SEO marketing services in Malaysia that can help you in this matter.

4. Create your content around keywords.

Keywords are short phrases that clearly describe your topic. Selecting a specific keyword for every page and post, and using it in multiple paces like headings, content and title, is a common approach to communicating your subject to search engine crawlers. This increases your chance of showing your posts in the most relevant searches.

5. Use heading tags all throughout your blog content.

Heading tags are formatting options you must apply to the section headings in your posts and pages. You can see these kinds of settings in your WordPress editor, listed as H1, H2 and so on. By using these headings to organize your structure, you can improve readability. Also, you can send an important message to crawlers, letting them know that your content is reliable and well written.