19 Nov

1. Chatbots and private messages

Many customers want to inquire for some things before finalizing their purchases. Oftentimes,
these questions are simple enough to answer through private messages and chatbots. Chatbots
can function 24/7, and they can offer quick responses to frequently asked questions.

2. Multichannel engagement

Starting an online business in Malaysia has its own challenges. For your brand to grow in the
digital landscape, you need to be everywhere. Many business nowadays have social profiles on
multiple channels–LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and more. Being on one
engagement channel is no longer an option or any type of business.

3. Personalization

How can you set your business apart from the others? Instead of offering standard, generic
products, several ecommerce businesses are now providing personalized and customizable goods
to their target clients. These items can be more expensive, but people are willing to pay for that
opportunity to have something unique.

4. Mobile sales

Any individual doing business in the online world knows how crucial it is to make the web pages
mobile friendly. People are now shopping online on their tablets and smartphones. The process
of online shopping is getting a lot easier. If you optimize for mobile, you can gain more

5. Social media selling

eCommerce entrepreneurs are now implementing social media marketing strategies to sell their
products through their profiles. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are now
being used to buy and sell products. There is no need to go to the website of the retailer.

6. Easy checkout process

Do you know that 2 out of 3 shoppers abandon their shopping carts during checkout? This is a
big number, considering that these individuals are ready to finalize their purchases, but changed
their minds at the very last minute. Don’t let this happen to your platform. Try to make the
checkout process a lot simpler.