26 Dec

Sudden death of the heart. It’s hardly a subject about which you want to hear, but we have good reason to bring it up. A new major American Heart Association study found one in nine men suffering a blue heart attack by age 70.
We’ve never heard of it before. Because researching sudden heart attacks is incredibly hard because they are, well, unpredictable.

Add depth – Squats raise good cholesterol; see it spike hard squats. Remember to work hard with men’s wellness product

Pedal for life – Finish the rigid cycle gym sessions. The action makes it more comfortable for your arteries.

Live “beta” – Eat orange food: pack good beta-carotene from the heart. Talk of squashes, not about sweets.

Exercise – Exercising twice a week, scientists say, will halve the chance of stress-induced heart attacks.

Breathe it out – Take six deep breaths in 30sec to lower BP by as much as 4 percent.

Stay strong – Abandon your HIIT class: a better way to widen your blood vessels is heavy lifting.

Cut the fat – Dairy lovers are less likely to get bad cholesterol, say researchers from Bordeaux.

Bring out the mic – Bring out your inner Michael Jackson. A Scandinavian study found that singing increases the amplitude of your heart rate, rendering you cardiac arrest robust.

Take a Dose of Sunlight – BP-lowering nitric oxide improves by direct sun penetration. For a quick hit, roll up your sleeves.

Salty world – salt diets in healthy men can increase the risk of heart disease. And while those with hypertension would do well to keep tabs on their consumption, a lower dose was associated with a higher risk of early death for the general population.

Use organic – rhodiola rosea plant-turned pill curbs tension and retains a healthy heart muscle.

Free your ears – For every 10dB of traffic noise outside the building, the risk of heart attack increases by up to 10%. At night, plug your ears.

Whey is the way – A report by Reading University showed that 56 g of protein per day could reduce the risk of heart disease and strokes by 8%.
Hear or dislike it – Hungry scientists at Bristol University discovered that Marmite can enhance heart function in healthy adults and help prevent cardiovascular disease when consumed three days a week.