21 Oct

Al fresco shower

Just off the swimming pool and rear patio of a house in California is another good example of a screen block being utilized as a unique privacy wall. In this instance, it is used for semi-privacy for the outdoor shower. Screen blocking is great since the masonry wouldn’t decay or rot from the shower’s moisture.

Window privacy and shade

In this cool family room in Phoenix, the screen block provides the shade against the window opening of the solid glass. Many architecture firms in Malaysia believe that decorative concrete blocks add flair and style to a room’s design scheme. Geometric patterns can also make beautiful shadows on the floor.

Geometric island

With all the amazing screen block applications on home exteriors, utilizing blocks on interior walls lets the air and light flow through interior spaces. This is a brilliant opportunity to incorporate accent colors and patterns for added punch.

Entry screen

This specific application offers a sense of privacy to the house’s safety, while adding pattern and depth to the look of the home. The light passing from the wall’s back side highlights the block’s pattern, and at the same time adds more drama.

Courtyard ventilation

The installation in this number displays a breeze block that allows air and light to circulate all throughout the outdoor space. It also offers privacy from neighbors. This design integrates a geometric-patterned, graphic block into a stucco wall, and provides both style and ventilation.

Carport separation

Dividing the courtyard patio from the carport, this screen block incorporates an awesome graphic flair, aside from delivering further security for the courtyard.