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19 Feb

How Mobile App Changes Our Way Of Life

With mobile app development growing so rapid now, one can only think of how it is a blessing to people as it can change one’s way of living. Before all of this advancements were made possible, we also need to appreciate when it first took it’s baby steps, where you are only able to call or dispatch messages to people you care about. Moreover, statistics show that people in the United States look through their 47 times a day. That is a hefty number and you got to remember, that is only in the US. Statistics has also shown that young people spend more time on their mobile devices rather than the television. It is without a question why companies are trying to take a step in the mobile development field as it is now touted as the next big thing for commerce. This is what every single mobile app developer Malaysia has to offer is working to jump in this bandwagon.

With that being said, what factors does mobile app take part in our lives? What influences our drive to rely on mobile apps nowadays? Below are the main factors how mobile web app are making our lives convenient:



Without a doubt, these developer apps has enabled us to communicate with people all around the continent and has improved our communication lives much better (or worse). On the off chance that you’re trying to catch up with your friend that is in a different country, communication apps like Skype and WhatsApp are the channels you can utilize to catch up with your friend. Also, with the ability to chat,text, and video, it upgrades and smoothes your flow of communication, especially in a workplace. This can enhance your ability to work and manage your time efficiently as you can get information rapidly. Communication is the most dominant activity people do on their devices.


The capabilities of an app is endless so we speak. The limit is only your creativity. With apps giving easy access to people, entrepreneurs can get feedback easily now assuming that apps nowadays provides a feedback feature. Another benefit of mobile apps in business is that people can share your app within the app button. Through this, you can get more recognition and traffic for your app, thus, improving your revenue. In a way, you are also advertising your app. Social media is where advertising is at its peak as entrepreneurs use social media as the main channel for advertising.



Another beneficial thing about apps is that you can check up on your health instantly whilst also saves you the hassle to go all the way to town to see your local doctor. Moreover, people with mental health can sought to seek apps if they find it hard to see a specialist. With mental health being a serious issue in today’s generation, more health apps are being developed to help those in need. Also, if you’re self conscious about your weight, fear not as they are a lot of apps for you to get your hands on.


From Food delivery to e-wallet apps, they are a lot of apps where you can find in the app store. There is also an app where you can call a cleaning service if you’re that lazy to clean up your house yourself. Grocery shopping are also made easier now due to the rise of grocery apps. Just browse for the items that you need from your shopping list and order and voila! Your order is now in shipment. Financing is also a hot issue nowadays. Should you need a financing app that can track your expenses, there are a lot of apps for you to choose from. With this, you’ll be able to track your spendings and save up your money.



Students are also now finding convenience in learning through using mobile apps, making learning easier. It’s extremely helpful when you want to make a last minute revision or when you forgot your notes. On top of that, if you’re having trouble looking for that specific subject or point, using apps will enable you to browse swiftly so you save time instead of looking through the whole huge textbook.