January 30, 2019

Everyone likes to show off their skills. Increase your skill set with the help of this article

Website development is a progressing industry. In general, a website developer must be able to write CSS and HTML from scratch, incorporate interactivity to web pages with JQuery and wireframe a web application. If you maximize your web development services, you’re on your way to the top.

3 major roles in website development:

  • Full-Stack Website Developer – works both on the back end and front end.
  • Back-End Website Developer – prioritizes the server-side of web development; focused on how a website works.
  • Front-End Website Developer – focuses on the client-side of web development; responsible for the feel, look and overall website design.

Here are some extra roles in website development:

  • UX/User Experience Designer – They are directly involved in making products usable, enjoyable and useful for end users.
  • Website Designer – They use graphic design software to establish the website’s overall look.
  • App Developer – An app developer is responsible for testing and creating programming applications for mobile phones, computers and other kinds of devices.
  • Software Developer – Also known as a software engineer, this person creates software and programs for computers.

Here are some helpful non-technical skills web developers should have:

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is all about making reasonable, logical, well-thought out judgments. This plays an important role in assessing new ideas, choosing the most efficient ones, and modifying them, if necessary.

Emotional Intelligence

This is the ability to determine and manage emotions, as well as others’ emotions. It includes 3 skills—emotional awareness, the ability to manage one’s emotions, and apply them to your problem-solving tasks.

Time Management

Proper time management starts with goal setting. It can be broken down to action plans, simple tasks lists, and projects.


Teamwork is crucial in the website development world. Why? There are so many factors involved in the process. There are staff members doing optimization, design and research. Consolidating information from various sources can be a difficult task, let alone arranging tasks and making sure projects are done on schedule.


Communication is key to a thorough web development process. A website developer should always be a brilliant communicator. Make sure that your clients always have clear project overviews. Explain to them every detail in layman’s terms. Never confuse them with confusing jargons.