16 Jan

We live in a world where high-speed technology is developing. We don’t even have time to catch up with all trends and tendencies at times. But as Syndicode provides the development of custom mobile applications, we keep an eye on all that may be useful to our projects. And we like to be alert so plan in advance, which is why today’s article will concentrate on the developments in the production of mobile apps for 2020.

You are an app designers of many of the existing trends that have already affected applications. Some of them are completely changing the truth. Let’s try to become a little prophet and look at the future of mobile development

Mobile Technology Future Intelligent digitization captures all facets of our lives. We now have robots, computers, infrastructure, transformations of material. Today’s innovations that we use in software development can change faster and impact future mobile development and all digital online business products globally.

One reality is incontrovertible. The Internet of Things (IoT) is connecting more and more devices. The network is getting bigger, data volumes are expanding, so we get more information at risk. The mobile development prospects predict that a greater boost to security will accompany the security of mobile applications and information transfer.

• Authentication from machine to machine,
• Biometric logins,
• Applied artificial intelligence, and
• Big data techniques used to identify and thwart infractions.

Soon, we’ll see mobile development firms investing in pioneering data exchanges that will enable them to access and fuse data. There will be more convergence of the thought of various smartest cities in this way. These convergences would lead to the development needed to reduce traffic congestion.

The phenomenon that in the future appears to be a standard is the rapid development and success of SaaS App. Even today, there is no single SaaS App and no cloud service is available.

Another trend that in the future tends to be a norm is the rapid development and popularity of SaaS App. Even today, there is no single SaaS App and no cloud service is available. SaaS systems are designed to experience peak loads and multiple requests at once. This makes them a one-size-fits-all business solution that seeks to avoid system capabilities and technical specifications concerns. SaaS product development tools ensure that companies are able to handle design and system management problems smoothly. Your mobile product benefits from cloud solutions in the following ways:

• Remote and easy access
• Internet use of software apps
• Outsourcing the entire infrastructure to a third party
• Improving uptime and reducing the number of employees
• Real-time connectivity and distribution
• Properly configured system ensures better performance
• Cost reduction
• Providing scalability

In addition, we can expect a major change in the consumer-based strategy next year and beyond.

For industrial platforms and infrastructure, the future can become a year. But for all this to appear on the Ukrainian app development market, we need to be patient.

Mobile applications for everyday life

Without mobile applications we use every day, life will never be the same. We all have the favourites we tend to check as often as we can. Every day, millions of them are launched, but only a few are becoming popular.

Look at the main types of mobile apps that people prefer to choose for their daily lives:

1. Social and communication networks.

As offline communication becomes part of our lives, a wide range of apps appear to connect people. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Pinterest, Telegram, Phone, WeChat, Signal, Snapchat, GroupMe, SOMA Messenger. They all have their own apps to find friends and share their interests with people.

2. Apps for lifestyle.

Everybody is obsessed with their style today. E-commerce works to buy and sell products online, making the entire online process to build, design, market, sell, deliver and pay for products and services. Symple, My Diet Coach, Lumosity, Sleep Cycle, HealthTap, First Aid, MyFitnessPal, Shopwell, Elevate are the most famous apps from 2019: Brain Training, Lark — 24/7 Health Coach.

3. Useful apps for everyday life.

In everybody’s life, personal or professional devices are used to save time for things that we don’t want to recall. Everyone has their own preferences, and here are some of them

4. Applications for games.

Game developers are always keen to create more and more ideas for apps and make sure users get obsessed with the new gaming product and buy a full version. Try games from Halfbrick Studios, Monument Valley 1 and 2, Nintendo games, Noodlecake Studios, Pokemon Go and Harry Potter: Unite Wizard, Rayark rhythm games, Room sequence, Square Enix games, Supercell games, Alto’s Odyssey, Donut Country, and The Witness.

5. There are other areas.

More and more apps are available that can spread across other areas of our lives. Now you can rent a car nearby without meeting people or looking for recommended restaurants or art exhibitions that will find your locations and give you the best. 1Weather, Bouncer, Waze and Google Maps, Google Assistant, LastPass Password Manager, TouchRetouch, Camera+, Snapseed, Overcast and Google Play Music and YouTube are among the top 2019.

All of these apps have been created to make your life better and you increase their popularity every time you use them.

Mobile applications to motivate your company

For consumers For even the most experienced entrepreneurs, running a business is hard. There are a lot of things that can be tackled every day, from starting a new business to financial issues and hiring. And sometimes you need more and more help to keep track of everything that’s going on with your company. But if you know the right mobile apps, life can be easier. Here are some of the most useful applications for efficiently motivating your business:

Google Analytics App.

The great app that helps you keep track of everything on your website, visitor numbers, real-time data, conversions, data acquisition, insights from the audience, and behaviour.


Work platform teams use to focus on business-growing goals, projects, and daily tasks. Here you can delegate tasks to anybody in your team via their email address and complete all assignments with subtasks, updates and due dates.

Linkdln Pulse

All news relevant to your work and interests can be collected here. It gathers important information in a simple format, technical material.

Google Drive

One of the most popular apps for accessing your drive from anywhere and managing your business outside the office.

Ever note

The app allows you to write and combine all your notes into web clips, capture pictures of handwritten notes, and collect pictures of digital project details.

Salesforce Mobile

A very convenient mobile version of Salesforce Mobile Stable CRM.


With its help, you can scan all documents and digitally apply your signature directly from your smartphone to contracts, receipts and content.

With the help of Dropbox,

You can keep all your data in one place, so you can get presentations and other files from anywhere you want.

Voice text

In 23 different languages and dialects, the app is available. You can dictate your content on an app such as Voice Text here.


This app allows you to track all your social media accounts in one location, like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

For business owners: how will your business be powered by the mobile app?

You have been treated as a user from the previous point of view. And as a mobile app owner, we would like to highlight your benefits. For your business, creating a mobile application will give you:

• More users

As the number of people who prefer to do their business via mobile is constantly increasing.

• User loyalty

You care to provide them with a mobile solution for their convenience.

• More time to engage with your user

Even when they’re away from your phone, not just by PC. For example, this means higher chances for your marketplace vendors to sell some products.

• Powerful options

You can’t provide powerful options with the desktop app Options such as swipe / shake / touch interactions, AR additions, camera usage, and so on.

• Security Users

There is a need to set a password to enter the functionality when interacting with your app via PC and there is no guarantee that their access will not be hacked. But they have a unique fingerprint of face-recognition options with mobile applications that will better protect their data.