30 Sep

If you want to establish your own business, like you’re considering putting up your own web hosting company, you have to think about the various marketing strategies that you can take.

One of the things that I definitely recommend that you try is social media marketing. This is where you will use the popular platform to engage and establish your own audience so that you can gain more traction for your business in the online realm.

This is definitely worth considering since millions of people are using social media platforms as a means to communicate with their loved ones or just to find out things about the world and so on.

With that being said, you’re probably assuming that I am talking about Facebook or Instagram since, as of the time of writing this post, they are the two most popular social media sites, you are actually wrong. In fact, I am actually referring to Twitter as your main SMM platform.
Now, why is that? Well, in this article, I will talk about the reasons why your web hosting business needs Twitter.

Why People Think that Twitter is Not a Good Marketing Platform

Facebook has been the go-to standard when it comes to social media marketing. It has got a robust ad campaign manager that lets you tweak parameters that will suit your needs. Although one cannot argue with the fact, there are a couple of reasons why Twitter is still a good platform to market your web hosting company.

First, Twitter has a lot of active users which, at some times, be on par with Facebook in terms of numbers. Second, there is more engagement on Twitter (meaning, a lot of people are talking about things and even retweeting important messages to their profiles) than Facebook or Instagram combined, among many other reasons.

So yes, even though Twitter doesn’t have an ad campaign as Facebook does, it is still a great platform for you to start marketing your own business.

How to Use Twitter to Your Advantage?

Here are some tips to help you gain an audience and help establish your business on the web using Twitter:

1. Find a Target Audience
One of the rules of social media marketing is to make sure that you establish your audience. But, you just do not go out there and find just about anyone; you actually need to find people who are looking for web hosting services.

A target audience, therefore, is a group of people who have a vested interested in whatever it is that you’re selling. Since you are offering web hosting services, then you concentrate on that.

2. Send Timely Tweets
To maximize every Tweet that you send, you have to time it correctly. Again, you have to refer to your target audience. If you are catering to Western customers, then you want to send Tweets in the morning and in the evening just hours before they sleep.

Doing it this way will allow them to look at your Tweets before they do something else. Fortunately for you, you do not have to do it manually since there are some tools that will allow you to post timely Tweets whenever necessary.