05 Nov

1. Repurpose old blog posts.

Blog content can take on various forms, other than written content. Repurposing your old articles, and making different types of content is an intelligent strategy that can attract new readers. For instance, you can record yourself reading an article, and then turn it into a podcast episode.

2. Refresh content regularly.

Learning how to make a blog in Malaysia entails tons of challenges. One task that is usually neglected is the repurposing of the best-performing content to new information regularly. This can improve your chances of ranking a lot higher in Google and other search engines. Feel free to add new insights and tips that you have gained ever since its publication.

3. Implement social media campaigns.

Average bloggers share their content on social media profiles. Intelligent bloggers, on the other hand, implement evergreen social media campaigns. When we say evergreen campaign, we mean a series of social updates that instantly recycle themselves. Don’t just share your blog post for one day. It needs to be promoted again and again.

4. Encourage influencers and online personalities to spread the world.

Explore influencer marketing. Reaching out to influential people online is a beneficial activity that you can work on right after publishing your posts. An influencer with a huge following sharing your content can make a big difference on your traffic.

5. Search for juicy backlinks.

Improve your blog’s search engine ranking through backlinks. To prove to Google that your web pages deserve the high ranking, you need to get backlinks from reputable sources within your niche. List down blogs that you wish to reach out to. Then, check the contact details of the individuals in charge.

6. Respond to burning Quora sections.

Quora is an amazing platform to turn to when promoting your blog. Search for your blog topic. Check all of the questions that will turn up. Help people out by responding to their inquiries, and then linking to your very own blog post as reference.