Mobile App Development
15 Mar

7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an App Development Company

Many business owners want to have their own apps for their ventures. This is due to the fact that it is an ideal avenue for entrepreneurs to become closer to their customers (and potential prospects as well).

Now, mobile app development has become much easier these days and even though you can use one of those “app builders”, it would still be recommended to hire your own app development team.

In this article, I will go over some questions that you need to ask app development agencies so that you will know which one to hire. Although some of these questions might seem like a no-brainer, some clients still don’t know the importance of it, especially in the field of mobile app Malaysia.

Can you Show Me Your App Portfolio?

Different app development agencies should have their very own portfolio. Ask if you can take a look at it so that you will know exactly how they create their apps.

Look at the technical aspects such as the design, the features, the user interface, and the overall usability of their applications.

Ask About Their Development Services

Development Services

For the most part, app development companies should possess at least 3 of the following:

  • App Development
  • Research and Business Analyses
  • Quality Assurance and Testing
  • App Submission and Launch
  • Post-Launch Maintenance

See to it that the app development agency possesses at least 3 or even all of these qualities.

See If the Company is Able to Handle Your App’s Development

You will not be the only person who will look for an app development agency knowing that mobile applications have become all the rage nowadays.

Ask your shortlisted app development agency if they can still work on your application. Tell them to be truthful about it and also ask if you can make changes even during the middle of the entire process.

Who is Going to Work on Your App?


Ask the company of their workforce. How many senior and junior developers are going to be on board this project? Can they follow your requests and make an application as per your specifications? Can you make changes at any time during the development stage?

Will They Let You in On the Entire Process?

It is important that the app development agency allows you to oversee your app’s development. From the brainstorming phase to the creation of wireframes and prototypes, to the beta phase of your mobile application, your presence should be allowed during every stage of the app development.

How Effective is Your Communication?

Communication is of utmost importance, especially when it comes to developing apps. Ask how the app agency will communicate with you- how frequent and what is the mode of communication?

Do You Offer Post-Launch Services?

App Launch

Ask if the app development company offers any post-launch services such as support, bug fixes, and the ability to add new features.

Furthermore, ask them if they will do it for free (if it is included in the original payment) or if you will have to spend additional money just for such services. App maintenance is also crucial, therefore ask them if they do offer such.