18 Nov

Babies are always a bundle of joy, but they can also be a chore to take care of as well. Parents who have only one baby may already feel drained, how much more for parents who have to take care of two or more babies at a time.

If you are a mother of twins, you might have a mammoth task of ensuring that both of your babies receive the love and attention they deserve. After all, a mother’s bond is always an important part of the nursing equation.

But, how exactly can you take care of your twins without going insane? I know that nursing them can be hard, but it is not at all an impossible task. Read on to find out some useful tips to help you take care of multiple babies at a time.

You do not have to worry about getting all of your baby’s essentials yourself since you can order them in an online baby store and have the items delivered to your doorstep so that you don’t have to get stressed out.

Before Anything Else

I know that this may sound hard to achieve, but it really must be done. Mothers should, as much as possible, not be too stressed about the situation. A stressed-out mother is one that will not be able to produce enough milk for both of their babies.

Sure, you can think about using formula milk instead, but pediatricians agree that breastmilk is still the best milk for babies growing up. So, when your breasts are still able to produce milk, always give them to your babies.

Set a Routine

When taking care of multiple babies at a time, it is important that you establish a routine that you can follow as much as possible. Although babies are erratic when it comes to their behavior, for the most part, they do adapt to certain routines if you just stick to it for a considerable amount of time.

That means that you feed them at certain times, bathe them at specific times, and maintain their bodies at fixed times and sticking to this routine really helps. Of course, you may have to make subtle changes here and there, but for the most part, establish a plan and stick to it as much as possible.

Prepare Everything Beforehand

It is always a good idea to prepare everything beforehand. Since infants can get messy a couple of times a day, you want to have their diapers at the ready so that you can instantly use them whenever they are needed.

Aside from that, clean their feeding bottles regularly so that you can just whip it out whenever you want to feed them. If you are going to use a breast pump, cleaning their bottles is going to be a top priority.

Nap Whenever Possible

A lot of experienced parents can agree that napping is your best friend, especially if you are taking care of more than one baby at a time. When both of your babies are sleeping, make sure that you take the time to rest as well.

Accept Help When Given

Lastly, friends and family will always help you in any way they can so if they extend a helping hand, be prompt to accept it.