16 Oct

Boxing Betting 101: How to Bet on Boxing

Betting on boxing has been going on for many years now. However, it is also true that horrible judging decisions and fight fixing have pushed several fans away from this sport’s betting aspect.  Are you interested to learn more about betting on boxing as you had already bored simply betting on bandar togel? Don’t worry, a lot of things are being done to regain the public’s confidence in this sport’s integrity.

Draw, Win or Lose

Boxing is very straightforward when it comes to wagering, since the odds are given next to the name of every boxer. It efficiently utilizes the money line.

In a hypothetical boxing match, the odds would be similar to this:

  • Draw, +2000
  • Pete Smith, +150
  • John Brown, -200

Are you thinking on wagering on Brown? If yes, you would risk $200 to be able to win $100.

However, if you choose to wager on Smith, $100 would be risked to win a total of $150. If you think the boxing fight would conclude in a draw, you would need to risk $100 to be able to win $2,000.

Take note: You need to wager an amount of $100 to get a win of $150. It is okay to risk $20 to get 30. Nevertheless, all the money line odds will be given in wagers of $100.

Remember, the boxing fighter should win. If not, you will lose your wager. In case the boxing fight would conclude in a draw, the bets on the 2 fights are considered as losers. What if your bet is draw? Then, you are set to win a huge amount.

If the boxing fight you want to bet on has no draw betting option, and when the fights concludes in a draw, then 100% of the wagers will be refunded. It is bound to be regarded as a tie, like in other games and sports.

Boxing Proposition Bets

Boxing fights can be regarded as one-sided. This is why bookmarkers usually come up with several proposition wagers on major boxing fights.

Proposition Betting: Over or Under

A common proposition bet in boxing is called over or under. Its wager operates in the same approach as the over and under in other games. This means the person is betting on a specific number of rounds that are taking place.

Here is another example:

  • Under 6 rounds (Full Rounds) – 120
  • Over 6 Full Rounds – 140

If a person chooses to wager more than 6 whole rounds, he will win a bet. He will win as long as the 2 fighters are inside the ring once the seventh round begins.

If a person chooses to wager on under 6 full rounds, you can succeed on your wager, but only if the boxing fight is stopped before the bell signal at the conclusion of Round 6.

Boxing Stoppage or Knockout

There is another primary proposition wager when it comes to boxing matches. This is, if a boxing fighter wins through a knockout or stoppage.