24 Apr

“Will the website work on tablets, mobile devices and multiple browsers?”

It’s very important to ensure that your web pages can be viewed properly on all browsers and screens. Every web page must adapt to all viewing environments.

“How much will the entire project cost?”

This is one of the most important details you should know about your website project. How much do you need to pay your web design agency? Will you be charged hourly? Remember that the price they provide is also a reflection of their experience and work.

“How much experience do you have?”

Are you open to hiring a newbie designer? Experience is a major factor that can contribute to your future website’s success or failure. Check the previous websites they worked on, and for some case studies.

“What will your work entail?”

Make sure that you have a thorough understanding of their offerings. Will they research keywords, and implement an SEO strategy for you? Is there a market research involved?

“How will your design help me achieve my goals?”

Always be upfront with your website designer. Will this specific design set you apart from the rest of your competitors? Tal to him or her about all the aspects of your website, including sales and subscribers. https://www.snapagency.com/blog/top-5-questions-to-ask-your-web-designer